Long time ago 40x55cm
The Whole Page 55x75cm
Long Journey 37x55cm
Slow Hand 95x70cm
Little Warm Death one 60x28cm
Welcome Home 70x70cm Of what 50x40cm
Solo Dancer 60x60cm
Little Warm Death two 60x28cm
Dirtsa one  80x55cm
Dirtsa Two 80x55cm
Dirtsa Three 80x55cm
Dirtsa four 80x55cm
All I want 41x41cm
Window to the Soul one 45x45cm
Window to the Soul two 45x45cm
Endless Rain 60x40cm
Far from over 56x56cm
Balance 50x65cm
Check one 95x45cm
Round Midnight 65x55cm
For Heavens Sake 50x50cm
No more trouble 70x70cm
Small Town 41x41cm