Long time ago 40x55cm
The Whole Page 55x75cm
Long Journey 37x55cm
Slow Hand 95x70cm
Little Warm Death one & two 60x28cm
Welcome Home 70x70cm Of what 50x40cm
Solo Dancer 60x60cm
Dirtsa one  80x55cm
Dirtsa Two 80x55cm
Dirtsa Three 80x55cm
Dirtsa four 80x55cm
All I want 41x41cm
Window to the Soul one & two 45x45cm
Endless Rain 60x40cm
Far from over 56x56cm
Balance 50x65cm
Check one 95x45cm
Round Midnight 65x55cm
For Heavens Sake 50x50cm
No more trouble 70x70cm
Small Town 41x41cm